- Female President (Areia Remix #120)

걸스데이 - 여자 대통령


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July 18, 2013





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Kpop Music Girl's Day Female President Areia Remix


Female Who?

The first time I’ve heard of the title of Girl’s Day new song I was in skepticism: this could be either an interesting Brown Eyed Girl style girl-pride song or yet another cute girly song about that girl that she can’t express her feelings. Happily it was a nice refreshing blend of both. The song has been in charts for a while and can be heard all across Korea on repeat. It feels like this is Girl’s Day “Gee” or “Abracadabra” or just the ticket to be more known and appreciated by the Korean audience which is what brings income and success to their company by their live events.

The question asked by many is how “legit” is the use of the name “Female President” as a song and whether there should be used in such context that clearly indicates some kind of inequality or “build-ups” from the females of Korea. Korea currently does have a woman as a president and there is a lot of fuzz of her being in that position as the daughter of a dictator loved by the older population of Korea but that’s all some history and politics we as foreigners should just leave alone and definitely not trust every random opinion we found online and take it as a source of understanding.

Back to our subject it’s very typical to think girls weaker in every aspect and you can get a similar feel from all Korean dramas and movies out there. Of course that’s not the actual reality as Korean women have clearly a great impact in the Korean society. You could say that’s just how this society grew because of its deep Confucius-based culture influence. But maybe this approach is wrong all together – all three lyricists of the song are guys which just shows yet again what some guys think about girls. Not a good indication of what girls really feel is it? But oh wait… isn’t such song supposed to be written by a girl then? Females in the k-pop production circles hmmm… there are some… some.

Dat dress!

And here comes that huge shock when the music video was released. The whole k-pop world is shaken  by Yura’s dress during the second part of the first verse. Nothing is more visible than what a standard bikini would expose yet the whole world blows up. Sexy k-pop lovers spam about it, prude girls and guys prepare the fire at the village’s center in order to burn that witch, others talk about how their “pure” girl Yura was used by the company, other just sit and enjoy it.

Yes it’s a dress not full-body tights – as their company announced after the fuzz. Also Yura obviously knew she was to be filmed in it – otherwise she wouldn’t wear such a short dress, it would be an insult to the filming crew. That’s of course a classic way to get away in Korea: just say a convenient lie to show your respect to the contrary opinions and apologize about the fuzz in that way. Then the society out of ways to accept the “shameful” event accepts that lie as the one solid truth and moves on.

As you have noticed I have always kept a very open line about sexuality in k-pop. That’s after all what my remixes are all about: making those songs dreamier, stronger, sexier. That was and always remains part of my motivation when I remix. From my perspective it wasn’t that shocking. Did I expect it? No. Did I found it necessary? No. Did it make the music video more interesting. Absolutely yes. For me the actual shock and disgust comes from the prude trolls that comment under the video calling the girls sluts and trashy. Not a topic that deserves any further attention though – if you can’t see the brilliant variety and diversity of our society and you’re stuck to judging others based on random stereotypes you’re just helpless.

Now Kiss!

And then suddenly there is that scene where Minnah and Hyeri supposedly kiss. We’ve seen that at least in Abracadabra several years ago. Most guys love it, some girls feel that their sexuality is out of control and some others run to find a convenient excuse such as that Hyeri is obviously presented as a guy and that is far better than putting an actual guy in the music video.

And of course the lesbian population finding something nice to check out on. Oh wait… lesbian? In Korea? that can’t be. Despite what random sources might made you think about homosexuality in Korea a few days around Hongdae area will convince you either wise. Then the k-pop production companies know that pansexuality is a huge trend these days and they simply invest in it.

The song

The truth is that Yura’s sexy dress would be nothing without that excellent girly aggressive rap line. You see when I see a sexy and pretty girl being open and saying “what’s the big deal about it?” it’s where I hit my emotional peaks. As I said in the first section the song is not about what a girl really thinks. It’s about what some male lyricists would like them to think instead. The whole song racks of it from verse to chorus. It’s the guys in Korea that are so fed up of having to be perfect to satisfy the girls and they would love if finally the girls would open up a bit and make some move first. That said the lyrics do make sense and I’m sure they fit to many situations.
The original arrangement it’s perfect for the theme it talks about. Military style drums, a bit of electric guitar and a sexy high pitched gliding lead. It succeeds into expressing the strength of the lyrics and in combination with the music video makes a perfect and powerful product.

The remix

I have tried everything. Nice dubstep with drops,  hard Electro House, Moombahton/ Reggaeton and even Trance. It just wouldn’t work. Then I was distracted from remixing for a few days as I was involved in another production work. During those days I have created several drafts for an upcoming k-pop original. One of the arrangement ideas that didn’t fit that original song, after the necessary key and chord progression changes ended up being perfect for this remix. Something similar happened last time with Sistar’s Give It To Me and it seems to be a very nice way to gain back my “lost” work hours and offer the remixes a sense of quality that I wouldn’t normally attempt to achieve other than official works.

The album

The album packaging is superb. It’s pretty much a thick book with many pages of colorful concept photo shootings of the girls. If you thinking about purchasing make sure to check it out at our store and except receiving a free mini-CD with this remix signed by me (Jun) you will also be supporting areiacreations and this work.


Kpop Music Girl's Day Female President Areia Remix Kpop Music Girl's Day Female President Areia Remix Kpop Music Girl's Day Female President Areia Remix