Welcome to Areia Creations Global Entertainment investment page!

Areia Creations has a unique style of operation since except the private investments we give our fans the opportunity to actively contribute to our company and artists development. For example our successful funding campaign of November 2012 has raised almost $15,000 that were used into upgrading our production studio in Seoul and essentially enabling us to grow and establish our company a year later. Similar crowdfunding processes have been used since our first days and this level of fan engagement allows us to be independent and adjust our vision in order to coincide with our fans wishes.

Investing in Global K-pop
Moreover a number of fans became private investors of our company by choosing to invest large amounts and in this way actively engage in the K-pop business. For those people that believe in our vision and have the capability to support it further we offer a number of dynamic options:

  • Project Sponsoring: You can sponsor part of a specific project such as our artist’s next single and music video. You will receive percentages from the single’s sales and from the artist’s future activities
  • Company Sponsoring: Similar to the above but the company automatically manages and distributes your funds to multiple projects in order to minimise risks
  • Angel Sponsoring: A more flexible and less business-minded model for the ones that simply wish to support our vision of global k-pop

The minimum investment amount for first time investors is USD$1000. All investment instalments are properly registered in our company’s annual reports and the investors are treated in the most transparent way. If you are interested in investing in our company and our artists or even exclusively creating and supporting your own artist don’t hesitate contacting us for a full presentation of our dynamic models and their scopes, as most of the critical information for investing is part of our strategic planning and requires the sign of a non-disclosure agreement.