Mission Statement
Areia Creations is an independent record label that was created in order to develop and produce recording artists in the Korean Pop genre. Our focus is to blend the current K-pop image with international trends in order to appeal better to the emerging global K-pop market.

Global K-pop
In order to find a place for our ambitions we take the initiative to declare a sub-genre of K-pop called “Global K-pop”. We will attempt to create new artists as well as offering guidance and production services to independent artists that are inspirited by the k-pop trends. Focusing on the personality of the artists will allow us to explore possibilities not yet presented in traditional k-pop. In the process of doing so we will attempt to include international talents regardless of the their nationality and background.

The Global Audience
Other than teenagers or a small number of adults that are really into pop idols, for the average Korean, K-pop is simply a nice background to their everyday activities. It’s the music that plays on the car radio, at the local cafe or it’s the soundtrack of a TV series. For the international K-pop fans though it isn’t something which they have been simply exposed in their everyday lives: it’s an active choice. For them, it’s a lifestyle and an attempt to express their individuality, their uniqueness and peculiar taste. A large portion of the current K-pop is naturally made with the Korean market in mind. This leaves the international fans disappointed who wish to have the same level of engagement and access to their favorite idols as Koreans do. Moreover they are elements in K-pop which are a side-effect of the Korean society and are in direct contradiction with the international mindset often irritating fans. We wish to respect the global K-pop audience for their high level of commitment and offer products crafted to their taste and standards. Our independence from the traditional K-pop business structure and our fanbase crowdfunding and investment model allows us to operate in the creative freedom required for the creation of such products.